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Texas's Trusted Roofing Company, Exterior, & House

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We are a Roofing Company. Offering homeowners peace of mind, at an affordable rate backed with 30 years of experience.

Want to increase the value of your property? Roofers in TX is a top rated house painting company offering a range of services including interior, exterior, and commercial painting services. Our painters are licensed & insured with a physical location in beautiful downtown Southington. Our company tackles all of the aspects of your interior and exterior with carpentry expertise included.

You can read more about our company and it's values by clicking over to our about page. Learn more about our company and how it strives to stand out in the Texan marketplace.

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Offering full service house Roofing services

Your home is what people first see when they come across your property, which is why an old paint job lowers the overall value of your home. We provide all types of painting services including interior, exterior, commercial and residential. Additionally, our company can provide pressure washing, fencing, masonry, mulching, and drywall services.

Get a fresh start to a new you with beautiful craftsmanship

Painting is one of the most popular home improvement projects for a good reason, it often represents a new start! If you have gone through something in your life repainting your home feels like a new beginning for most people. Read more of our reviews to see what people felt when we painted their home!

We can help you with your roofing needs

If you need interior / exterior painting services in Texas, Painters in TX is here to help you! Use the button below and enter your zip code to schedule a free estimate. Once you do, you'll be contacted by a friendly staff member that will diagnose your project and give you an estimated cost based on the square footage of your property. Additionally, you can call Painters in TX toll free by dialing: (713) 903-7569

Our offices are located in Sugar Land! We travel throughout TX for free written estimates.

We cover Sugar Land, Houston, Richmond, and more. We provide free written estimates on the first appointment and don't charge a travel fee for our time spent coming to you.
You can start by contacting us or calling us at (713) 903-7569 to schedule a property inspection and to see if we cover your home with house painting services. Our friendly experts are waiting for you to contact us to get started and paint your dream home!


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Getting the job done right the first time is our only motto. We’ll do a final walkthrough of your home with you to see if there is anything else that needs to be done based the agreement. Then we’ll provide a full clean up once you approve and sign off on the work. You’ll then receive a follow-up call or message from us to ensure your satisfaction with the exterior job. Roofers in TX has a residential, exterior, and a Fort Bend county division labeled under Progress Media Group. Contact any of our divisions for a free estimate. 

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